Evaluation Elearning Courses

In this section there is a collection of reviews of elearning based teaching materials, focusing on the main subject areas taught in European secondary schools. These contents could be transformed into educational videogames, after asking copyright permission to the authors of the courses themselves.


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  • React

    Lista de materiales para animar a alumnos y profesores a usar las nuevas tecnologías

  • Serious Computer Games as a Teaching Tool - SCOGATT

    Compendium of games for VET environments and professionals, Enercities Games in new partner languages, Resources and pilot reports to help teachers for training with serious games

  • Strategic Management Games – teaching method for business education

    Games and materials for training teachers

  • Deutsche Literatur und literarische Epochen seit 1600

    Great German authors, their biographies, works and essays.
    Important literature eras

  • Internet und WWW Kurs

    Basics for using the internet, e.g. searching the internet, internet safety etc.

  • LeMO: Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online

    The course tries to draw a very accurate picture of different eras of German history. It includes audio of speeches, videos pictures and biographies of key personalities.

  • Onlinekurs Biologie

    The cell, proteins, genetics, ecology.

  • Vokabel.org

    Basic Vocabulary
    Advanced Vocabulary


    Basic Learning Modules in climatology, pedology, hydrology, geomorphology, phytogeography, geography of urban and rural settlement and remote sensing.

  • Trainingsprogramm Bruchrechnen

    A short introduction into each addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.
    Following the introduction are exercises. If a wrong answer is given, the program explains why the solution can't be right.

  • Skill in Arithmetic

    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Divison, Natural Numbers, Proportions, Fractions, Decimals ....

  • Electromagnetic Fields
    Subject: Science Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    Electrostatic theory, Electricity, magnetic fields, Laboratory experiments

  • OpenLit
    Languages: Subject: Literature Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    Courses about Greek and international Literature

  • Geography
    Languages: Subject: Geography Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    You can learn geography over web

  • Learn Math
    Languages: Subject: Maths Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    Learn mathematics and how great ancient matheticians solve famous mathematical problems

  • Respect a word

    The course consists of General language topics, Spelling, Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax, Punctuation, Lexicography, Accentuation, etc. Tests for self-control, references to variuos e. resources

  • Solution of Chemical Exercises
    Subject: Science Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    The course consists of 10 main themes of chemistry in the 8-10 classes: density, mass, formulas of compounds, etc. Each topic is supplied with theory, exercises and detailed explanation of solutions, exercises for self-dependent work, answers of exercises for self-control. The cource also has glossary, various chemical tables and references to the relevant literature.

  • Training programs of art

    The main parts of the course are: Art Styles and Genres, Art Periods, Lithuanian Folk Art.Each part presents theoretical material with many illustrations (all illustrations are described), questions for self-control,tests,references.

  • Greek Poetry

    Different greek poets

  • The Learning Community

    Intro to PCs, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Web Browsers, MS Outlook, MS FrontPage, HTML Basics

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