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In this section there is a collection of reviews of elearning based teaching materials, focusing on the main subject areas taught in European secondary schools. These contents could be transformed into educational videogames, after asking copyright permission to the authors of the courses themselves.


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  • The art and the gold number (phi number)
    Subject: Maths

    This site explains the gold number and its existence in arts.
    The skill required is elementary handling of the computer.
    The topics covered are : history – glossary – examples in the arts, animals and humans, in the flora…

  • The comic strip story.
    Subject: Art
  • Worqx.com

    This course focuses on colour theory and web design.

  • 1 2 3 Deutsch
    Subject: Languages Size Of Course: Covers all the topic

    The course contains texts, cultural issues, language practice, exercises for teaching German to French speaking students.

  • Art Games
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    This is an excellent product for engaging younger students and introducing them to basic art topics. The graphic interface is very colourful which is very appealing to younger students. The accompanying music and the Artie icon also helps to bring the website to life and makes it very stimulating.
    There are no instructions for use but it is good for students to find out themselves how to play the games by clicking on the various objects on the screen. Navigation is very easy and simple by moving the Artie icon.

  • Art school on line - Digital art
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    The learning objectives of the product are the degrees of darkness and how to create them, and using black tonal values to render darkness. Very good structure step by step.

  • Benvenuti In Italia Welcome to Italy
    Subject: Languages Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    The aim of this product is to promote immigrants integration in to Italian society. The course is a tool for promoting the Italian language among immigrants and also for preventing racism and intolerance. It can be used as a teaching tool for those teaching, training and helping immigrants and a self-help learning and reference system for immigrants themselves.

  • Bombing of Dresden in World War II
    Subject: History Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    the website links to tv productions about the bombing of Dresden. There are -questions, material and links concerning the background and questions, material and links concerning the consequences.

  • Colour Training
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    The objective is the training of the color. The course focuses on 4 specific sections: bases of the color, contrast, combination of colors and various systems of color. These points are based on various examples.

  • Deutsche Welle - Deutsch interaktiv
    Subject: Languages Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    The course includes too many lessons to describe its content in a few words. However, the course starts very simple with greetings and introducing oneself. At the end one can manage most situations that one would encounter when traveling in the regions where German is spoken. One knows how to express opinions and describe events from different perspectives. Moreover one knows the basics about politics, history and society in Germany.
    As described above, in addition to vocabulary and phrases, one also learns essential grammar rules. The Grammar Help features precise explanations and concise examples.
    Partly one also finds Worksheets for Learners and Teachers, which one can download.

  • Exercises de Francais
    Subject: Languages Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    The product aims at giving users a good knowledge of the written French language. It offers a rich variety of exercises about spelling, grammar, syntax, vocabulary and culture. While doing the exercises, clicking on Aide, learners can access the explanations of the rules they need. There are also exercises dealing with famous quotations and proverbs.

  • Handouts of History and Philosophy
    Subject: History Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    The website contains many information about multiple historical events and many philosophers. The described topics go from the history of the ancient people to the contemporary events. The reading of the website is adapted to the students of advanced school with historical acquaintances of base.

  • Histoire de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale
    Subject: History Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    This website offers a general overview on the World War II (1939-1945), with a lot of pictures, maps, audio files. The complete story of the second world war is presented as a course, with different chapters. 72 dossiers are related to specific events as the D-Day or the Nuremberg Trial.

  • History Chronicles
    Subject: History Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    Website devoted to historical subject, authorship of Grzegorz Reszka includes information about periods like : antique, middle ages,new ages (to 1789), XIX century and XX century. Informaction concluded on the site is based on many books about history events and docuements. The XX century was divided into two parts : First half of the XX century and the second part of this century. The devision makes it easy to find the needed info. Compiliations concluded at the site are consistent with history. Author prepared documents concerning history of periods of whole world.

  • History in network
    Subject: History Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    The objective is to spread a scientifically examined knowledge of the XX centurys history, through the system of the on-line review. It addresses to specialists, students or general public interested in history. There is a link to reviews of historical books. Each article is referred to its author.

  • Italian Online
    Subject: Languages Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    The ILUSS courses include a structured, step-by-step series of interactive course materials. The web-based lessons focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary and listening. Four course levels are currently available: Beginners, Elementary

  • Kartouche
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Partly covers topic

    Interactive role play and storyboarding, 3d characters, backgrounds, props, text and sound files, teacher support pack full of suggested lesson plans and activities voice over to drop and drag speech and thought bubbles
    Kar2ouche is cross-curricular role-playing software for producing pictures, storyboards, animations, movies, comics, handouts, posters and magazines. Launched in October 2001, Kar2ouche is now in more than 3,500 UK schools and has won numerous awards. Kar2ouche now has titles for Key Stages 1-5 and is available for a wide range of subjects including Literature, Creative Writing, History, Languages, Music, Drama, PSHE, Citizenship and Science.

  • Lead

    Lead: its descriptions, its features, its applications.

  • Leonardo's workshop
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    Leonardo's workshop is a part of "ArtEdventures". ArtEdventures are interactive online games. By playing the game you can find short informations about Renaissance time, paint materials of the time, linear perspective, Leonardo's machines and about his studies of the human body.

  • Lart en samusant (Art while having fun)
    Subject: Art Size Of Course: Covers most of topic

    This site invites everyone to discover a ludic universe which supports their creative development, forges their artistic culture and supplements confrontation with the real work effectively.
    Put in situation of play, to test your knowledge, to sharpen your sensitivity... This site makes it possible to apprehend some topics in a very amusing and ludic way . It also contents interactive exercises. The content is explained there in a simple and very clear way.

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