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Welcome to The Play the Learning Game Site

The Play The Learning Game project, is funded by the European Commission and the Spanish National Agency - OAPEE in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo Da Vinci Sub-programme – Transfer of Innovation Action.

The Play The Learning Game project aims to improve and transfer the results of the The Learning Game project (financed by the European Commision in the framework of the Socrates Programme Comenius 2.1 Action Nr. 128967-CP-1-2006-1-IT-Comenius-C 2.1) during which European teachers investigated and tested the use of videogames, multimedia and e-learning for educational and training purposes.

The aim of the Play The Learning Game project is to enhance teachers and trainers capability to use and combine Videogames, Multimedia and e-learning and in order to make learning more attractive and promote and enhance the involvement of pupils and trainees in Lifelong Learning.

The project aims to update and expand The Learning Game Portal ( integrating the existing results with the latest technical solutions:

  • eLearning based teaching and training materials
  • Videogames reviewed to explore and highlight their educational potential
  • Softwares to be used to produce innovative e-learning based educational material and videogames with an educational purpose
  • Tutorials, on the use of software for the development of e-learning material and educational videogames and providing guidelines for the development of educational videogames
  • Training Manual on the development of videogames for educational purposes.

For further information, please visit The Project page.

Latest News


The Manual is now available in 4 languages

The Manual for the application of Videogames and Multimedia for educational and training purposes is now available in English, Spanish, German, Greek and Italian.


More than 410 reviews of e-learning products now available on Play The Learning Game

Access to more than 410 reviews of e-learning products. The reviews provide useful references and information about the most effective e-learning based teaching resources that can be used to integrate their lessons. The reviews are available in the Evaluation E-learning Courses Section of the Portal


More than 530 reviews of Videogames now available on Play The Learning Game

Access to more than 530 reviews of commercial and educational videogames with useful references and information about how to use videogames available on the market and on the internet to make their lessons more attractive and interactive. The reviews are available in the Videogame reviews Section of the Portal

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