Teachers Workshop in Italy

The dates of  the Teachers Workshops in Italy  are the following: 19th March 2008; 1st April 2008, 2nd April 2008; 17th April 2008;  18th April 2008; 4th June 2008.

The aim of each of the workshop is  introduce videogame strategies in education at secondary school level and to train teachers to the use of vidoegames as possible learning environments.  Part of the workshops will be focused in the use of specific tools for the creation of multimedia solutions for education. Each workshop will also focus on a specific practical session on the step by step creation of a pilot course that will take the form of an educational videogame.

During the workshop organized on 19/3/2008 a virtual meeting was organized with the Lithuanian teachers. During the meeting the Italian and Lithuanian teachers introduced themeselves and explained the specific contents they were developing in their respective workshops.

More information on the workshops can be found in the “Teachers Workshop” section of the portal.