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In this section there is a collection of softwares that can be used to produce innovative e-learning based educational material and videogames with an educational purpose.


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  • 3D Game Studio

    it generates the 3D image and controls the behavior of the virtual world

  • ACD Systems

    Import, view, organize, print, enhance, share, and archive digital photos.

  • Adobe Audition

    Allow to read, modify and mix sounds in differents file formats, including MP3.

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Photoshop is a software of final improvement, treatment and drawing computer-assisted. It is mainly used for the treatment of numerical photographs, but is used also for creation of images. This software is addressed to any person wishing to approach the final improvement of photographs but also to the professional computer graphics experts through his powerful gallery of filters and powerful graphic tools.

  • Adobe Premiere

    Capture, edit, and deliver video to disc, the web, and mobile devices

  • ALO Software

    ALO Video Converter is a tool for video conversion complete.

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  • Aurora Neverwinter

    The idea behind the creation of this Toolset is to allow one of the most important aspects of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons to come to life on one’s computer : module building.


    You can confidently tackle a wide variety of projects - from logo creation and Web graphics, to multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs.

  • Corel PowerTRACE

    Corel PowerTRACE is the most powerful and accurate bitmap-to-vector tracing application on the market. You now have complete control and flexibility for editing vector images, including color merging and interactive color mode selection.

  • CorelDraw

    You can confidently tackle a wide variety of projects - from logo creation and Web graphics, to multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs.

  • Editor Tzar Map

    El objetivo del editor es dar a los jugadores la oportunidad de crear sus propios juegos. Ya sea como un solo jugador o para los juegos de multijugadores, Este editor permite a los jugadores expertos configurar y preparar mapas alternativos, con lo que no sólo abarca la mecánica de juego, sino también hacer el mapa editando un juego en sí mismo

  • Flash

    Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional software is the most advanced authoring environment for creating rich, interactive content for digital, web, and mobile platforms. Create interactive websites, media rich advertisements, instructional media, engaging presentations, games, and more. Depend on Flash CS3 and ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player to ensure your content reaches the widest possible audience.

  • Game Editor

    It's a tool for videogame development, with a simple interface

  • Magix Delux Video 2007

    MAGIX Video deluxe 2007 is a solution of video assembly complete for PC. It offers all to you which you need for reading, treating and to engrave your video recordings.

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  • MilkShape 3D

    Create and edit models for games like Quake I, II, III, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, including full animation or write custom export plugin with the SDK

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  • MKV to AVI Converter

    MKV to AVI Converter enables you to convert your files MKV with format AVI, but also to divide them into smaller files and to publish them

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  • Modo 203

    Modeling, Rendering, Painting tool

  • Pinnacle Studio Media Suite

  • Snag It 8.2

    Capture, Edit, Share video and images

  • Sound Forge Audio Studio

    Sound Forge Audio Studio software is an easy-to-use home version of our Sound Forge professional software — the industry standard for audio editing and mastering on the PC platform.

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