Advanced e-Learning Builder



The Advanced e-Learning Builder authoring tool is designed for creating e-learning materials like e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc. The system enables creating tests containing objective type exercises without any programming. By planning exercises in the visual mode, exercises can be designed, corrected, examined and complemented and updated in a simple and survivable way. Several various active (gap - fill tasks, multiple choices, alternative questions…) as well as passive elements (various types of texts, graphics, multimedia, Object Linking and Embedding - OLE) offer various possibilities of creating all kinds of types of tests containing objective type exercises. Each activity is corrected and finally graded (in percents and with a commentary) by the system itself.

Creating the activity with this software, you can always see exactly how the final test to be deployed to students will look. Additionally, built-in dynamic resolution assures that a test will automatically adjust to all possible screen resolutions that end-users may have so the look won't be deformed in any way.

Advanced e-Learning Builder contains many pre-defined test templates that allow you to make good looking tests simply and easily. You can just fit the suitable template to your activity and correct some titles and your test is finished!

An additional feature of Advanced e-Learning Builder is test flow control, which allows you to create teaching sequences that can adjust to the students' knowledge and supply students with additional information when needed. Thus, individualization is granted.

All tests created with Advanced e-Learning Builder are finally graded and supplied with a customizable commentary.

The package also contains a real world example that can be used in the class with, or without, customization.

The Advanced e-Learning Builder authoring tool creates standalone EXE files so you do not need to care about additional software to run your activities on other computers.

Advanced e-Learning Builder is shareware software. The trial version of this software can be downloaded from the developer site: