Game Show Presenter


Game Show Presenter is a presentation tool that lets you make your information fun by presenting it as a customized game show based on your quiz. This presentation software helps people to pay attention and to learn by putting your questions into a funny, TV-style quiz show.

It's easy to make your own training games with Game Show Presenter. The software adds music, funny game show host, sound effects and score tracking for up to 10 players or teams. Audiences, trainees and students focuses on your subject, so you'll see increased attention and participation right away.

Why do Game Show Presenter training games work so well? Because people pay attention to fun. It's effortless! Instead of struggling to keep their eyes and minds open, people will be alert and pleased to be part of your fun and challenging training games.

Game Show Presenter training games work great even with dry subjects. This game show software creates a fun, interactive experience customized to your subject. It makes effective training games for reviews, informal tests, teambuilding, assessments and drills. (You can also make your own trivia quiz shows for staff meetings, office parties, reunions and events!)

Game show presenter is a shareware software. This software can be downloaded from the developer site:

Custom training games, Quiz exchange, FAQ and support are also available on this site.