Question Tools Editor Suite



Editor allows to create interactive e-learning using a drag and drop interface, while SimpleSet is a quick and easy-to-use editor for those who prefer to work with just text. Both SimpleSet and Editor can produce lessons, tests and surveys as pages for any modern web browser, or encrypted banks for use with the Exam application.

Question Tools Editor Suite can be used to create questions in a wide variety of formats as well as a large number of attractive visual styles. Exercises, lessons, surveys, tests and exams can be created as:

  • highly-encrypted question banks
  • sets of web pages for any web server
  • standalone applications
  • CD-ROMs that autorun
  • NetSeries packages
  • SCORM/IMS packages

You can create

Interactive Activities. Develop exciting exercises including a wide variety of questions types, sound, speech, video, feedback and animation.

Diagnostic Tests. Questions and results can be categorized, so that results and performance are broken down to reveal strengths and weaknesses.

Formal Examinations. You can easily hide other applications, as well as remove the Cheat and Mark buttons, to create an environment well-suited to formal assessments.

Surveys. Quickly create attractive, useful survey and if you need to add drawings, photographs, sound or video then this presents no problems.

E-learning courses. The CourseBuilder facility allows you to link lessons, exercises and tests into whole ready-to-use courses.

To use Question Tools Editor Suite you will need:

  • A PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • At least 20Mb of free disk space.

To install Question Tools Editor Suite simply download the installer from the Question Tools site: