Evaluation Videogames

In this section there is a collection of reviews of commercial videogames which have been evaluated in order to assess their educational potential. The videogames included in the database could therefore be adapted to be used in a teaching and learning environment after appropriate customisations. The database also includes some videogames already developed for educational purposes.


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  • Spore

    Managerial, Simulation, Evolution Simulator with different phases. - Science Game - Third-Person - Single-Player, Possibility, Players can share and uploads contents of their games, but not massive multiplayer occu

  • Wii Music

    Educational, Musical game - music game - Third-Person, Third person static scenery visu - Multiplayer

  • Black and white 2

    Strategy - Fantasy - Isometric - Single-Player

  • Serious Sam

    Action, Simple, shallow, high violence (though not against humans) first person shooter - Fantasy, Science-Fiction - First-Person, Classical first person shoot - Multiplayer-Online

  • Worms

    Action, Platform, Strategy, Puzzle, This game is itself a genre. It is the last incarnation of what could be described as ballistic missile fight simulator. This last version is 3d but the original game was 2d. The game has turns in which a single worm from a player can fire a weapon to blow it near or at an enemy worm, at best killing or injuring him. Player's goal is to have the latest worm alive. All action happens in a map, small enought to force the game to be simply "kill and protect" with limited but crucial tactics and weapons selection - Comics, Fantasy - Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online, Possibility

  • Alan Wake

    Action, Adventure - Crime-Investigation, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Science-Fiction - Third-Person - Single-Player

  • Civilization V

    Adventure, Strategy - Fantasy, Historical, War - Third-Person, Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online, Possibility

  • Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

    Action, Online, Strategy - Fantasy, War - Third-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online

  • My Sims Kingodms (Wii)

    Adventure, Arcade, Platform - Fantasy - Third-Person, Isometric - Single-Player

  • Praetorians

    Action, Adventure, Online, Strategy - Historical, War - Third-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online

  • World in conflict

    Strategy - War - Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

    Adventure - Fantasy - Third-Person, Isometric - Single-Player

  • Assassinīs Creed Revelations

    Action, Adventure, Fighting - Fantasy, Historical, Science-Fiction - Third-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer-Online

  • Broken Sword the angel of death

    Adventure - Crime-Investigation - Third-Person - Single-Player

  • F1 2011

    Arcade, Online, Simulation - Sports - First-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online, Possibility

  • Ogame

    Managerial, Simulation, Strategy - Science-Fiction - There is no icon or active player character in the game. All is menu and selection base - Multiplayer-Online

  • The Sims 3

    Simulation - Modern - Third-Person - Single-Player

  • Doom 3

    Action, Pure First person shooter / Action. - Horror, Science-Fiction - First-Person - Single-Player

  • eRepublik

    Managerial, Online, Role-playing, Simulation, Strategy - Fantasy, There is no genre name for this game, though "social economical and political simulator" would be approximate. - The player has no visual character. The interface are a set of buttons, checkboxes, images, icons etc. The information of the game is presented with bars, charts, messages and icon - Multiplayer-Online

  • OpenTTD

    Managerial, Online, Simulation - Business simulation - First-Person, Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer-Online

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