Teachers Workshops in Lithuania

The dates of  the first 3  Teachers Workshops in Lithuania are the following: First workshop, 19th January 2008; Secondo Workshop 23rd February 2008, Third Workshop: 29th March 2008.

The dates of the second 3 workshops, which are still to be confirmed are: 26/4/2008; 17/5/2008; 7/6/2008.

The aim of each of the workshop is  to train  teachers on issues related to  the educational potential of videogames in a teaching and learning environment. The teachers involved in the workshops are to acquire  the skills to be able to identify videogames that can be adapted to be used for educational purposes and to actually create simple educational videogames working in cooperation with their colleagues.

The Lithuanian teachers have identified the pilot course, which will take the form of an educational videogame,  they intend to create during the workshops. It is called "Adventures in the Pythagoras Room" and focus on history of mathematics. The pilot course  will be created with Adventure Maker and some elements of it will be made with Flash.

More information on the workshops can be found in the “Teachers Workshop” section of the portal.