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Evaluation Elearning Courses

In this section there is a collection of reviews of elearning based teaching materials, focusing on the main subject areas taught in European secondary schools. These contents could be transformed into educational videogames, after asking copyright permission to the authors of the courses themselves.


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  • Blender 3D design

    The course provides lessons for several Blender módules and functionality. Lessons are often Videos. There are excercises, examples and problems for the students to solve and use.

  • Cry Engine 3 Tutorial and Videos

    The site provides a set of lessons, both as videos and as illustrated webpages. The matter of the course is very complicated and the explanations deal with it very well. The course covers most important concepts and skills_ creating terrain, objects, light, textures, uv mapping, animation vegetation

  • Descriptive Geometry. Views

    Learn about the Multiview orthographic projection, draw and solve point, rect and plane problems. Learn how to draw perspective pictures of components

  • El costurero de Stella

    The course ranges from first steps in sewing, goes through patterns, marking and cutting, design, different clothes process, and ends in "sewing machines features and maintenance" and "start your own bussiness". Contents are clearly presented. There are links to videos, which are an essential part in learning to sew

  • Kiddia

    This site is made for kids, educators and parents with games, hints and information regarding the sane use of internet, and other modern enterntainments like Television.

  • La odisea

    The website provides guides and hints to better work with internet on information search activities. There is an applicated example over physical education and sport activities.

  • Physics Experiences

    This site provides documentation and videos of several experiments in physics. These are experiments to learn and fammiliarize with the most important physician concepts, like gravity, waves, forces, etc.

  • ProyecTESO

    This course is made for the secondary matter "Technology" whithin the Spanish educative system. The contents are structured to all levels of secondary education of this matter.
    There are two versions, one being more interactive than the other. The course is also divided into four blocks, some of them are solved activities.

  • Robotics and computerized control

    This course tries to teach the basics of computer control through the completion of a project. The aim is to build a circuit that will be connected to the parallel port of the computer and program it using C Languaje.

  • Sign Library

    This site has the most important resources to learn and spread the use of sign language. It also includes a great library of books for it

  • Silk fabric painting Course

    The course covers all concepts, from materials and tools, painting prepartion, stretcher, painting, textures, ironing.etc

  • Spanish superior council of Research (CSIC) and the school

    THe site provides information about the knowledge of the science in school, for teachers and students. There are also documentation and videos of physics experiments, useful and usable in classes

  • Tangencias

    The course is very specific about tangents theory (Geometrical tangents are lines that touch circles). The course is fully done as annimated illustrations that can be manipulated by the user to experiment with the mathematical concepts

  • Technical drawing for secondary school

    The site has a quality animations covering many concepts of technical drawings with a fancy and appealing examples and explanations. This course serves as a basic and introductory matter for secondary students

  • Unify Community Wiki (unity engine)

    The course is orientet towards the use and knowledge of the tool. General concepts about game design, 3D design, programming, etc are not covered. All these are required to follow the lessons of this course

  • Unity 3D Student

    The site doesn't cover basic and general game design and creation concepts. Contents are a tutorial about the Unity3d tool, to create 3D objects, textures, events, importing and exporting, movements, physics, etc.

  • Online Math Learning

    The course is composed of several lessons, often based on a video. These lessons are arranged and grouped into levels (school levels mainly) and bye area of subjects. Math levels start in kindergarden and go up to basic college lessons. However these latter levels are shallow treated in comparison. There are lots of worksheets for many levels.

  • Castillo computer

    This websites provides documentation about some of the key subjects of computer systems when taught to Vocational Training students. The course is mainly based around blog entries that are supported by an own wiki site.

  • MIT CourseWare

    This is a multiple matter course repository related to science, physics, technology and computers. Most matters are from a high level university careers, though some others are interesting for younger students. Quality is somehow poor due to many courses being a simple transcription of classroom lectures.

  • Omron Industrial automation free Courses

    The course is made of several topics on Automation Engineering. Ranging from very basic concepts up to modern solutions. Topics: Sensors, motors, motor controller, actuators, timers, micro-controllers

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