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Adventure Maker

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Name of producer:

Giovanni Albani

Type of product:

Authoring tool

Cost of product:

Full edition for non commercial use:
69 $
Full edition for commercial use:
139 $

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Freeware, Commercial

Main aim of the software:

Adventure Maker is a toolkit for Windows that allows creating point-and-click games and multimedia software in minutes, without any scripting or programming. You can create software for Windows and for PSP.


Game Authoring

What does the software allow you to do?:

The Free Edition allows creating compiled redistributable files for Windows, or stand-alone games for PSP. It provides Load/Save-game functions, inventory items, conversations, full-screen transitions, water/smoke effects, multi-channel sounds, animations, and more.
The Full Edition can create stand-alone executables for Windows, and supports 360-degree panoramas, multiple-CD distributions, easy-to-learn scripting, custom plugins, Flash movies (SWF), ActiveX controls (OCX), over 30 file types (OGG, XviD, DivX, mp3...), and much more.


Easy-to-use software creation package
- No scripting or programming required
- User-friendly innovative interface
- Creation of single compiled files (.am1)for easy distribution of the software for Windows,and stand-alone packages for the software for PSP

What formats does the software uses or import and export?:

- Support for more than 30 file formats (jpg, gif, bmp, ico, cur, wmf, emf...)
- Native support for mpg, avi, wmv, and more
- Support for DivX and XVid (codecs required)
- Native support for mp3, wav, wma, mid...
- Support for OGG Vorbis (codec required)

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Name of Evaluator:

Cristina Gregolin

Role of Evaluator:

Brera University of Fine Arts



Date of Evaluation: