Evaluation Videogames

In this section there is a collection of reviews of commercial videogames which have been evaluated in order to assess their educational potential. The videogames included in the database could therefore be adapted to be used in a teaching and learning environment after appropriate customisations. The database also includes some videogames already developed for educational purposes.


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  • The Lost Vikings

    Action, Adventure, Educational, Role-playing, Simulation, Strategy - Fantasy, Historical, Science-Fiction - First-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer

  • Minecraft

    Action, Adventure, Online, Fighting - Fantasy - First-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer-Online

  • Skyrim

    Action, Adventure, Fighting, Role-playing, Strategy - Fantasy, Historical - First-Person, Third-Person - Single-Player

  • Call of Duty: Black ops

    Action, Fighting, Strategy - War - First-Person - Multiplayer-Online


    Educational - Historical, Christian Game - First-Person - Single-Player

  • Code/Racer

    Educational - Programing html - First-Person - Single-Player

  • Fallout 3

    Action, Adventure, Role-playing - Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction, War - First-Person, Third-Person - Single-Player

  • White Knight Chronicles: Origins

    Role-playing - Fantasy - First-Person, Isometric - Single-Player

  • Brain Shapes

    Educational, Online - Counting - Isometric - Single-Player

  • Duels of the Planeswalkers

    Collectible card game - Fantasy - Tableboard from abo - Single-Player, Multiplayer-Online

  • Medieval II Total War

    Strategy - Historical, War - Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer

  • Spore

    Simulation, Strategy - Science-Fiction - Third-Person - Single-Player, Multiplayer-Online

  • Civilization V

    Strategy - Historical - Isometric - Single-Player


    Educational, Simulation - Science-Fiction - Isometric - Single-Player

  • MineCraft (Free versions)

    Adventure, Online, Platform, Role-playing, Simulation, Puzzle, Minecraft is a unique game (as of March 2012), in which, the player has the ability of creating or destroying blocks near him in a virtual world (that can be really huge). This way he may build houses, holes, caves, buildings, etc. alone or in collaboration with other players. The "worlds" that are produced can be very beautiful. This is the base game upon which other games are built, some of them are free some of them require payment to play. Game is almost always online. For example, there is a free minecraft variant that allow player to build buildings in which they can take shelter from a lava release that happens after some time (generally 10 minutes) Ideally players connect their houses by sealed tunnels and can visit other's players houses while the lava is out. If houses fail to block the lava (if player didn't seal it all) the lava enters the house and if the player touches it, gets killed. There is a "zombie survival" version (free as well) which is one of the most funniest and exciting online games I've ever played. I'm only reviewing the basic free game. - Fantasy, Modern, It's unique - First-Person, It's a pure first person game, but its graphics are very modest. Players used to modern graphics from commercial games can be fustrated by the small browser window of this game and by the 90's quality graphic - Multiplayer-Online, There are several servers around the wor

  • Mi Experto en Frances

    Educational - First-Person - Multiplayer

  • Open TTD

    Simulation - Transport - Isometric - Single-Player, Multiplayer-Online

  • Opencity

    Simulation - City-building - Isometric - Single-Player

  • Practise English

    Educational - lANGUAGE LEARNING - Isometric - Single-Player

  • Bubble Witch Saga

    Puzzle - Social - Third-Person - Single-Player

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